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Experience in the tourism sector since 1989.

The worldwide tourism sector is at the doorstep of concentration and monopolization. As a result many medium and small sized tour operators have commercial and financial problems. As of today we have successfully managed five tour operators in Russia, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. We have experience and know how to help smaller companies get their share of profits in the globalizing world.

In this business new technology and the internet are very important. Our connections with IT and software companies

worldwide and our experience in this field is key. We can help you choose the right destinations and the right hotels and get you the best buying rates, without risk.

Another important factor is transportation. This means collaboration with airlines. How to buy economically viable seats allotments without risk, how to charter aircraft at good rates and minimal risk. These are points in which we have a lot of experience.

Marketing strategy is also a very important point. How do you advertise effectively at a low cost? We know the way. In this area we are consulting with two large worldwide tourism companies. Why? Because of their big bureaucratic staff and management, they were looking for simple, cheap, but effective solutions and in this matter we were the best partner for them too.

For the middle and small tour operator: we know where the niches are that big companies lack the creativity to fill. With our help you can seize the opportunity to fill these niches. Our dynamic, young but experienced team are ready to solve your problems.

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