Aviation Services & Consulting

26 years of experience in the aviation sector.

Our qualified team of professionals has been active in the aviation sector since 1988 and has managed four Airlines in Turkey, Russia and Germany to this day. These airlines had financial and marketing problems. We created a new concept for the management and reorganized the operation, marketing and finance. Now these airlines have become successes.

It is very important to minimize costs and maximize revenues in order to maximize profit. Our international relations worldwide and our years of experience, give us the possibility to buy many services cheaper than other managing teams.

We know what kind of aircraft is feasible for which routes and destinations and can help you lease aircraft at operationally feasible rates. Because of our additional knowledge in the tourism business we know how to maximize utilization. In all these cases we work with international control, accounting and legal firms. We know that “the most expensive seat is an empty seat”.

Because of our experience in the field we are able to assess and control the work of technical staff and maintenance companies. We know what we are doing and cannot be mislead by wrong information from service providers, which can otherwise be very expensive for an airline company.

We would like to help you find the right partners and negotiate on your behalf in the following areas:

Passenger Airlines

Aircraft Leasing
Aircraft Chartering
Aircraft Maintenance
Airline Management
Consultation for Services Worldwide
Refuelling and Catering arrangements.

Cargo Airlines

Aircraft Chartering
Arrangement of Cargo Agencies
Cargo Flights from Turkey and PR China to
Germany, Russian Federation and CIS

VIP and Business Jets

Leasing and Chartering of VIP and business jets worldwide.
Citation Bravo, Citation XLS, Citation Sovereign, Citation CJ2
Learjet 60XR
Challenger 300, Challenger 604, Challenger 605
Falcon 7X, Falcon 5X, Falcon 900
Gulfstream V

Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance services for all types of commercial aircraft.
Line Maintenance
Engine Overhaul
Spare Parts Procurement